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Is there anybody left who doesn’t know Azienda Agroturistica Sa Mandra in Sardinia?

If you are employed, you are bound to have the same problem all of us have every summer: too little time off, too hot for a staycation in the city. Say you have four days off, because you have been smart enough to turn a weekend into a long weekend, and have desperate need for sunshine and the sea, then there is one thing to do: go to SARDINIA! Is there anybody left who does not know Sardinian beaches are the best in Europe? Or is there anybody left who does not know magic place Azienda Agroturistica Sa Mandra? That is exactly why you can not miss out this region. You just have to book your flights to Alghero – we will take care of the rest.


Ideally, you should reach Alghero the night before, no matter how late, so you can fully enjoy your first day. The best beaches in the area are: Capo Caccia, Lazzaretto beach, Punta Negra, Mugoni, Porto Ferro. Just so close one to each other.

After a nice, intense and sunshine-filled day, it’s time to get back to the city and enjoy a stunning sunset in Alghero from Torre di San Giacomo just so close to the sea. At dinner time Alghero has plenty of lovely and really good restaurants with amazing views. Pick one of the restaurants on the city walls for a romantic view.

After dinner, take the required stroll on the seaside: in the harbour, you’ll see archaeological remains from the two World Wars, and you can follow the city walls up to the castle, where the city’s commercial life now resides and the cutest shops and bars can be found. Don’t be surprised to see the streets have Catalan names; one in five Alghero resident is fluent in the language, due to past and present connections with Spain (and nowadays, Alghero has three twin cities in the country).

Azienda Agroturistica Sa Mandra

Now is time to head to the most amazing place, what we ever seen – Azienda Agroturistica Sa Mandra, which is very close to Alghero city. Sa Mandra is a family business, fruit of the labors and devotion of Mario, Rita and their son, Maria Grazia, Giuseppe e Michele. First of all, Sa Mandra is a farm: hectares of cereals fields, olive groves, fields of helichrysum, grazings for herds of sheep, fences for horses, donkeys and pigs, stables and chicken coops. 

The passion of Rita and Mario for the Sardinian history and local craftsmen, has slowly transformed the company into a real museum of tradition.

„If you come to visit us, before sitting at the table, give yourself the time to wander through our alleys and in the halls of memory. Take a step back in time, in contact with objects that tell centuries of history. Over the past 30 years we have collected hundreds of original pieces: the tools used by farmer, shepherd, and housewives but also rugs, pottery, knives, inlaid furniture, creations of „sas manos d’oro” (golden hand) of our artisans,” Rita.

Since the laying of the foundation stone to today, the common thread in the design choices of the farm has been the same: immersing the visitor in the real Sardinian atmosphere. Walking through the alleys of Sa Mandra is a journey through the time. The farm is an old farmhouse, restored keeping the original features. The furniture is the fruit of the hands of Sardinian craftsmen, thus each piece of furniture is unique.

The gardens fragrant with herbs, in memory of the gardens of the Sardinian women that with herbs and plants fed and cared the community. 

As much as you don’t want to, it’s time to travel and explore this wonderful place. Trust us, you will go back to city life more tanned and a lot richer in experiences!

Foto credit: Joy group, s.r.o.