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Surprisingly easy recipe!

Another social media platform, Pinterest, and profile @gimmedelicious, really helped us to keep our eating habits healthy! Chicken-avocado wrap recipe here for you!

Surprisingly easy recipe!

Surprisingly easy recipe for everyone who is “unwillingly married” to their kitchen or just „allergic“ to spend long hours in it. This recipe is inspired by Mexican kitchen and you can make it in less than 10 minutes. Moreover…it has just 315 calories!!!

6 ingredients:

4 tortillas

2 cooked/grilled chicken breasts

1 avocado


1 tea spoon of oil

Grated cheese (Mexican or mozzarella)


Cut these cooked or grilled chicken breasts on slices. Mix it with cheese, coriander and sliced avocado. Further, heat your pan and add 1 tea spoon of oil. Put your tortillas on the heated pan for at least 2 minutes. Fill tortillas with the mixture and enjoy your healthy lunch! How easy is that?


Author: S&S Foto: @gimmedelicious


@gimmedelicious chicken-avocado wrap
@gimmedelicious chicken-avocado wrap
@gimmedelicious chicken-avocado wrap