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6 tips on how to win a job interview!

Preparation for a job interview, especially if we talk about our „dream job“, is always full of stress and expectations. It´s a test of first impression and pressure that we feel on our shoulders. Here you go! 6 tips on how to be more confident with yourself and how to prepare to make an impression and get your „dream job“!

6 tips on how to win a job interview!

1. Preparation and genuinity on the first place!

Maybe it sounds like and „old school“ recommendation, however, here is where the success waits for you. Well prepared CV, motivation letter and all your certificates are the key. If you apply for a job in creative fields, such as media, photography, graphic design or others, prepare your portfolio with recent projects. Please, don´t forgot it at home!!! :) Be sure, that you take your notebook and pen. Beautiful pen, not the one that you have received in a local post office to sign your envelope. Forget the words, just prove your professional status. That you are professional, who knows what he is doing and who´s always prepared. Simple portfolio, metallic paper or an outstanding power point presentation are always welcomed, and they can really impress!

Be sure that your clothes reflect your personality and competences, but also culture of the company you´re applying for. Highly professional and glove-fitting clothes! Job interview is always an important thing, even if you apply for a creative job that is just a part of the whole process. Never wear jeans!

Maybe it doesn´t seem important, but already first handshake can make a bad impression, so learn how to shake hand properly. Not too loose, not too tight! You really don´t want to injure your future employer :)

2. Information!

Maybe it sounds trivial, but trust us, it isn´t! It is very important, to gather all the important data about the company, whose job you apply for. Another important fact is that your competences and characteristics has to be in line with company´s culture and vision as well. Think about it and make sure that your experiences and knowledge are sufficient for the position you apply for. Prepare examples, evidences and information, which will transform this job interview into an opportunity on your side!

3. Own research!

Search for the company. Its portfolio, history and development. It can make a great first impression and also change the way how you think about necessary skills for this job. Be sure, that every information is up-to-date and relevant, and you know about all the news of the company available for you. For example, personal changes or rebrand of the company.

4. Ask intelligent and smart questions!

During almost every job interview, you are going to be asked if you have any questions. Even if you understand everything about the job position and instructions, it´s good to prepare some relevant questions to impress. These questions can´t be any provocative or attacking, neither questions about your future in the company, where you are employee just for 30 minutes. You should ask these kind of questions:

  • What type of employee do you imagine at this position to be successful?
  • What do you think is the best opportunity when working in this company?
  • What does this position mean in the whole structure of the company and how do departments cooperate among each other?

5. Know your value!

It is easy to forget that not only you are going to an interview, but you also have an inner interview – interview with yourself.  Especially, if you apply for kind of a dream job. Ask yourself, if this is the right job, would this job fulfill you and is it something you desire? Make a reflection of your future manager, in the same way he reflects on you. Is it someone who is going to respect you, someone with who you can cooperate and learn something? Can you respect and accept corporate culture? Calm down and think about your values and what can you offer to this particular company.

6. Say thanks!

Always! Always send an e-mail to company and thank them, that they gave you an opportunity. Maybe it is a bit old-fashioned, however it makes sense and it reflects your attitude. You´re going to feel free and you will know your own values, but these will reflect also to the company where you would like to work. And if they won´t choose you, you will always be on their list as the one who was polite and respectful! You never know when they can call you back :)


Autor: S&S Translation: Martin Nemček Photo: Pinterest